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Latest Project Alpha hints at some kind of Cutz box set

project alpha

To finish off the week Muscle Sport has dropped another teaser for what is still being mysteriously referred to as Project Alpha. The latest from the brand is a very short video showing a distorted and shadowed product that’s a part of Project Alpha. The item is also joined by the title “the Cutz are coming”, which together we feel gives us a good idea on what’s coming.

While you might not be able to see it overly well in the Muscle Sport teaser image above, the product in the picture is a box. It also looks like it stretches quite the distance suggesting to us that we’re in for another box set like the brand’s Slim Kit For Her. The line “the Cutz are coming” also suggests that if it is a box we’re in for, we imagine the supplements in it are all going to be weight loss related.

Obviously at the moment we can’t be 100% certain on exactly what Muscle Sport’s Project Alpha is, but based on today’s teaser some kind of Cutz Stack is a big possibility. Another thing worth mentioning is that even if we are correct with a fat burning box set, there are still plenty of other interesting details missing. Firstly, all of the supplements in the stack may be entirely new, and secondly the Cutz Stack may not be all Muscle Sport has planned for Project Alpha.

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