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Pump Cuts reformulated with HydroMax and more citrulline

pump cuts

After being on the market for roughly 10 months, the underground brand Black Market has decided it’s time to reformulate its fat burning pump formula Pump Cuts. The original was quite straightforward with a total of six different ingredients, with one half for pump and the other half for weight loss. For the updated Pump Cuts Black Market has actually dropped the supplement down to five ingredients, and carried over more than half of the combination from its predecessor.

The familiar features in Black Market’s pump formula are norvaline and capsicum extract, both at their original amounts of 125mg and 50mg, and citrulline malate which has been bumped up from 3g per serving to 5. The other two ingredients making up the product are evodiamine at 50mg per serving, and the common pump feature HydroMax glycerol at 2g. While the contents of Pump Cuts have changed a bit, the brand has kept its menu exactly the same as it is expected to be released in Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon.

We don’t yet know when Black Market plans on launching Pump Cuts or if it’s going to be changing Pump Bulk as well, although the original is now no longer available on the brand’s website. We have also added its label down below, which is quite small but does officially list each of the supplement’s five ingredients.

Black Market Pump Cuts (2016 version)

pump cuts

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