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Rich Piana attempting to drop 71lbs in his new Better By The Day series

rich piana

Most of the time we tend to stick to posting about supplements or products from supplement companies. Occasionally we’ll feature notable athletes or related personalities which is exactly the case today as the face of 5% Nutrition has started something you might be interested in. If you’re already a fan of Rich Piana’s, you’ll definitely be familiar with his incredibly popular Bigger By The Day video series. Piana has now decided to switch things up and go the other way in a follow up series.

Over the next eight weeks Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition fans can follow the fitness celebrity as he attempts to cut all the way down to 240lbs. His journey is going to be documented in the appropriately named video series Better By The Day, which Piana kicked off at the start of this week with episode one. That first 50 minute episode now has almost a million views and has already been followed up by episode two. You can check out the episodes on Rich Piana’s YouTube channel and follow along over the next couple of months as he attempts to drop an impressive 71lbs.

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