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Fifth flavor on the way for EVL’s 5 month old Stacked Protein

stacked protein

While we haven’t seen a whole lot of entirely new supplements from EVL this year, it has given fans a number of new options to choose from with different sizes and flavors for various products. It looks like the brand is going to keep that trend going this month, as it has confirmed that another flavor is on the way for its protein powder Stacked Protein.

It was only five months ago that EVL actually launched the supplement in four different flavors, Chocolate Decadence, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla Ice Cream. The brand is now getting ready to introduce its fifth Stacked Protein flavor which it’s only said is coming soon, and not given any hints or details on. Knowing EVL the new flavor will be unveiled very soon as it doesn’t usually tease products for more than a few weeks.

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