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Gaspari is bringing back SuperPump 250 with DMAA

superpump 250

Over the past few months there has been talk of Gaspari Nutrition bringing back its very first pre-workout supplement SuperPump 250. The big mystery however was are we going to be getting the original formula or something completely different? A first look at the resurrected SuperPump 250 has now been released and reveals that fans are not going to be getting the same experience they remember from all those years ago.

While the label for Gaspari’s 2016 version of SuperPump 250 hasn’t been unveiled just yet, the first look at it does confirm a number of its highlights which is why we know it’s not the same as the original. A total of three of its ingredients have been revealed, two being somewhat common pre-workout features although the third is where the surprise comes in.

Starting with the two common SuperPump 250 ingredients you have red wine extract and l-citrulline silicate. As for the big surprise, Gaspari is in fact bringing back the product with the controversial stimulant 1,3 dimethylamylamine, better known as DMAA. While there is most likely more to the supplement then the three ingredients we can confirm today, the fact that it has DMAA in it should be enough to get stimulant fans’ attention.

As we get more information on the return of the pre-workout we’ll be sure to share it, although we should also mention the other two products you can see in the SuperPump 250 preview. The items sitting on each side of Gaspari’s upcoming pre-workout are another two the brand plans on bringing back, Halodrol and Plasmajet.

Unfortunately the preview doesn’t include any real details on either supplement, just that they’ll be competing in the same categories they did back in the day with Halodrol in muscle-building and Plasmajet in nitric oxide.

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