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FaZe Rain inspired Tropical Rain G Fuel now available

tropical rain g fuel

Gamma Labs has just revealed and released the 16th flavor for its flagship formula, the energy and focus supplement G Fuel. The latest from the brand is its third addition to the product this year, with the other two being the fan voted Kiwi Strawberry from March and the caffeine free Orange. Now joining the list is a recipe with a slightly more interesting title in Tropical Rain G Fuel.

Gamma’s all-new G Fuel is apparently a custom flavor inspired by the gamer FaZe Rain, hence the name Tropical Rain. Looking at its tub and how it’s being promoted, we are going to assume the new addition is a more tropical based fruit punch effort, as the brand does already have a regular Fruit Punch which was launched back in 2013.

As mentioned Tropical Rain G Fuel has been both revealed and released today, with the supplement now available direct at There is of course an introductory deal on offer as always, with each tub of Tropical Rain purchased at $35.99 coming with a free color matching FaZe Rain shaker cup.

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