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Introducing MusclePharm’s Sport Series pump pre-workout VasoSport


Since MusclePharm launched its Sport Series protein powder Combat 100% Whey at the start of the year, it’s continued to add to its latest line of products. The brand now has four more supplements in the collection with Shred Sport, Assault Sport, Amino1 Sport, and the mass gainer Combat XL. Another addition to the MusclePharm family has now been unveiled and detailed, introducing the pump pre-workout VasoSport.

The product is essentially a Sport Series version of the now discontinued MusclePharm competitor, Hybrid NO. It actually has quite a bit in common with that one, as out of VasoSport’s four main ingredients, two are from Hybrid NO. The four features making up the supplement are 3g of citrulline malate (2:1), 750mg each of agmatine sulfate and Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate, and half a gram of taurine.

Like most pump pre-workouts, VasoSport is a stimulant free product so you do have plenty of room to use more than just one serving, which is what the doses listed above are all from. As for its said to perform, MusclePharm promises “a superior, sustainable muscular pump”. We should also mention that unlike Hybrid NO, VasoSport is a powder formula with no sign of a capsule version.

The only thing left to come now is for MusclePharm to launch VasoSport, which is expected to happen late next month. The supplement is due to be available in at least two traditional 30 serving flavors with Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.

MusclePharm VasoSport


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