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Campus Protein partners with Bluetooth earbud brand Jaybird

jaybird x2

In an effort to become more than just your one stop shop for supplements, the major retailer Campus Protein has partnered up with the innovative electronics company Jaybird. The result is Campus Protein now stocking Jaybird’s most well-known product, its wireless Bluetooth earbuds the X2. For those that haven’t come across the earbud brand before, the X2 is actually the new and improved version of its original hit product, the Bluebuds X.

Coincidentally Jaybird’s earbuds are our go-to for music while we workout. Of all the products we’ve tried, broken, and/or thrown out over the years, the BlueBuds X and X2 have proven to be the best for sound, lifting, and best of all lasting. You can now grab Jaybird’s X2 from Campus Protein for the fairly competitive price of $149.99 with three of its six colorways available in Black, the very vibrant Charge, and the multi-colored Alpha.

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