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Killer Labz launching a stimulant free pre-workout later this month

killer labz noxious

The relatively new brand Killer Labz has announced that its line up of supplements is soon going to be bumped up to a total of five products. Basically the brand has confirmed that another supplement is on the way and due to be available sometime in the next couple of weeks. The name of the product is Noxious, which is going to be another Killer Labz pre-workout competitor.

At the moment the brand does already have a presence in the pre-workout market with its DMAA formula Executioner. The upcoming Noxious is actually going to be stackable with that supplement as it is a stimulant free, pump pre-workout. We don’t unfortunately have its label just yet, but can confirm that it will be powered by five main ingredients, all of which will be 100% transparently dosed.

The last few details we have on Noxious are that it’s going to have just two flavors to begin with, in Furious Punch and Pineapple Mango Madness. The product is also going be launched direct through the Killer Labz website with some kind of introductory deal.

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