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Introducing Killer Labz and its DMAA formulas Executioner and Exterminator

killer labz

Today we’ve got a very interesting brand to introduce called Killer Labz. It is relatively new, but is quickly making a name for itself with its very intense looking formulas. At the moment Killer Labz has just four supplements in its line-up with Executioner, Exterminator, Terminator Test, and Brute BCAA. The four help the brand cover all the important categories in pre-workout, weight loss, muscle building, and amino.

As mentioned Killer Labz does separate itself with the intensity of its products. A couple of examples of that would be its unique amino competitor Brute BCAA, which brings together a 6g amino complex and a 150mg muscle building blend of laxogenin and epicatechin.

Another example would be its pre-workout Executioner which features a handful of ingredients, although most importantly the legendary DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine). Killer Labz doesn’t actually just use the powerful stimulant in its pre-workout, as its weight loss competitor Exterminator also squeezes it into its one, 725mg blend.

You can get a better look at the entire Killer Labz collection on the brand’s website at It has also given us the coupon code “Stack3d15” that you can use to get 15% off any of its supplements. If you’d rather purchase from your favorite retailer it is worth mentioning that Killer Labz isn’t available in the usual locations. The brand is in fact a brick and mortar exclusive, so you will need to look for it in physical retailers.

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