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New number one pre-workout to be crowned in the next few weeks

number one

Since the launch of MAN’s reformulated Game Day back in February, we’ve seen more top five pre-workouts released than any other year. Not too long after Game Day arrived we got Inspired’s incredible effort DVST8 White Cut, as well as Unstoppable V2 which saw Dedicated successfully retain its title. The reason we’re bringing all this up today is because we have a new supplement currently in review that is actually going to take the spot from Dedicated.

As you can tell by the image we’ve used, we’re not confirming what the new number one pre-workout is today, just that there is one. In saying that you could probably figure out what product it is if you’ve been following our pre-workout related posts, and know of the big competitors that have been released recently. The picture above does include a few clues and even features the new number one supplement.

The main reason we can’t confirm the product and its position yet is because we do want to push it a little more to see how far it can go. Regardless of how those few remaining workouts play out, we are 99% certain it is better than the current market leader. It has more than enough to convince us it deserves the spot and will officially be given its crown sometime in the next few weeks.

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