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Nitro-Tech Whey Gold won’t have any added creatine

nitro-tech whey gold

The updates continue to roll in from Muscletech today on another one of the three supplements it plans on launching sometime next month. The product we have news on today is the protein powder of the group, Nitro-Tech Whey Gold. Unlike VaporX5 Next Gen and Nitro-Tech Crunch, we haven’t actually seen a whole lot of details on Whey Gold except that it’s going to be released next month.

The latest lot of information we have revolves mostly around the formula of Nitro-Tech Whey Gold. Muscletech has confirmed that the supplement is going to have a little less protein per serving compared to the regular Nitro-Tech with 24g. Its carbohydrates and fat however are going to remain around the same with less than 4g per serving. The only other detail we have is that Whey Gold is not going to have any creatine in it, which is worth highlighting as the regular Nitro-Tech does.

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