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New Nutrabolics muscle-builder Aggro packs and promises a lot

nutrabolics aggro

Today Nutrabolics has officially released its long-awaited testosterone boosting supplement, Nutrabolics Aggro. The boxed product was originally unveiled at the beginning of the year, where we didn’t hear a whole lot about it, just that it is some kind of muscle building formula. The supplement is now 100% good to go as the brand has made Aggro available as well as dropped all of its details.

Much like Nutrabolics’ performance pre-workout Supernova, Aggro is a 100% transparently dosed product, meaning it lists the exact dose of each of its ingredients on its label. The supplement itself packs a total of nine main ingredients with 3.12g of d-aspartic acid, 450mg deer antler, 300mg tongkat ali, 750mg mucuna pruriens. 50mg bitter melon, 200mg each of berberine and cinnamomum cassia, 150mg alpha lipoic acid, and 400mcg of chromium picolinate. Nutrabolics has also thrown in a ZMA blend, which we know for certain is in the formula however we don’t know any of its details.

The Nutrabolics Aggro combination promises a number of interesting effects including natural insulin level amplification, help with weight loss, increases in lean mass, and elevation of free testosterone levels. As mentioned earlier Nutrabolics has released Aggro’s details as well as the supplement itself today, saying that it is in fact now available. Retailers are expected to have it soon if not already, with the brand’s own website also said to have it soon.

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