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Quest makes it a series with Keto Crackers and Keto Snaps

quest keto

Members of Quest Nutrition’s insider club Quest Labs, now have access to a couple of all-new supplements. Today the brand has extended the line that previously only had the one product in it with Keto Cups. Quest has now turned that into a real Keto series with the introduction of Quest Keto Crackers and Keto Snaps.

Just like the Keto Cups, Quest Keto Crackers and Snaps have been designed specifically for ketogenic dieters. The brand has done its best to make sure each item is high in fat, moderate in protein, and has little to no carbohydrates. Both Quest Keto Crackers and Snaps show do reflect that on their labels with 5-6/6-7g (Crackers/Snaps) of protein, 18/19g of fat, and 2g of net carbohydrates.

As mentioned the latest from Quest is currently only available online through its insider club, Quest Labs. If you’re already a member you can head to the brand’s website now and grab the Quest Keto Crackers in two flavors, Italian Herb and Salted, and the Quest Keto Snaps also in two flavors, Pepper Jack and Cheddar.

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