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Dallas McCarver might be a part of the RedCon1 team


It’s already been made very clear that Aaron Singerman’s upcoming supplement company RedCon1 is going to have a lot of supplements and apparel. For those that haven’t been following along, the brand is planning on launching a total of 12 different supplements with an equally large collection of clothing. Something we haven’t heard as much about from RedCon1 is what athletes are going to be on its team, although a few images have recently surfaced suggesting it does have a pretty big name on board.

Earlier this week the brand announced that athlete Cassandra Martin is a part of the team, as well as bodybuilding coach Matt Jansen. The big name we’re talking about is neither of those two, however Matt Jansen is definitely connected to him as he is in fact his coach.


The man we’re referring to is none other than this year’s Chicago Pro Champion Dallas McCarver, who has been spotted wearing several pieces of RedCon1 branded clothing. You can check McCarver’s own Instagram to see some of the images, which certainly hint at him being a part of the RedCon1 team. Something else we’ve noticed is that a Dallas McCarver looking figure has been used in some of the brand’s promotional material. The shots are all very contrasty so we can’t be 100% certain, although a couple of them do show what appear to be McCarver’s signature back tattoos.

Everything does seem to be pointing to Dallas McCarver being on board with Aaron Singerman and RedCon1, however we are of course going to have to wait for an official announcement. Fortunately there is still a lot more developments we can look forward to from the brand including the reveal of its 8 remaining supplements as well as the release of its entire 12 piece line-up.

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