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Southern Sweet Tea makes it 6 flavors for Rich Piana’s AllDayUMay

southern sweet tea alldayumay

One of Rich Piana’s earliest 5% Nutrition supplements is the complex amino formula you’ll see him use in almost every one of its YouTube videos. The product actually has a very similar name to Piana’s YouTube channel in AllDayUMay. The reason we’re putting the supplement in the spotlight today is because 5% Nutrition has just given it an all new option for its already relatively large menu.

Previously AllDayUMay was available in a total of five flavors with Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Mango Pineapple. This week flavor number six has joined the product’s list of options, introducing Southern Sweet Tea AllDayUMay. The latest from 5% Nutrition has in fact immediately been added to the brand’s website, where you can now purchase Southern Sweet Tea for the usual direct price of $37.95.

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