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Stack3d Pro Fall Expo taking place October 3rd

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One of the most important questions we had going into our first ever Stack3d Pro Expo last month was if it proves to be successful when should we run the next one? As we posted immediately after the online expo, the Stack3d Pro was a huge success and now today we can confirm exactly when the next one is going to be.

We listened to what everyone had to say as well as took in all the feedback we received from supplement companies and have decided to make the Stack3d Pro a triannual event. The next one is going to be run roughly four months after the first, running from Monday the 3rd of October through to the 7th. As you can tell by the dates it is going to be a five-day expo much like the first, and just so everyone can tell it apart it is going to be referred to as the Stack3d Pro Fall.

We’ve already got a handful of supplement companies on board for the second Stack3d Pro, and are of course planning on making it bigger than the last. You can follow along for updates and important announcements in our Stack3d Pro section, and email us through our contact page if you want to get involved in some way.

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