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Training Ground Protein 6 surprises with a bit of pea protein

training ground protein 6

A few days back we posted about the contents of EFX Sports’ all-new Training Ground Pre, which is one of the many new supplements in its upcoming Training Ground Series. Today we have the same amount of information for another product from the series with the protein powder, Protein 6. As expected the name of the supplement is based on the number of protein sources it has.

The different protein sources making up EFX’s upcoming Protein 6 are whey concentrate, whey isolate, calcium caseinate, milk isolate, egg white, and lastly Montana pea protein. The inclusion of pea protein is certainly a surprise as most protein fans will know it’s not often you see that form mixed into a blend of this type and size. We can also confirm the product’s macros today which are 26g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates with 1g of that sugar, a gram of fat (0.5g saturated), and a total of just 130 calories.

The only other details we have left to confirm are that EFX is expected to be launching Protein 6 in at least one 2.4lb tub size, and two traditional flavors with Chocolate and Vanilla. We are still a little unsure on exactly when Protein 6 is going to be available, just that it’s coming very soon in the eight supplement EFX Training Ground Series.

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