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Vanilla Cake Core ISO launched with the usual freebie deal

vanilla cake core iso

A couple of weeks ago Core Nutritionals released the first flavor from the long list of new additions it confirmed back at the beginning of last month. Fans were given the same option for both of the brand’s pre-workouts, with Peach Mango Core Fury and Core Pump. Core has now launched another item from its list of new flavors, giving the isolate protein Core ISO its promised Vanilla Cake.

Like all new releases from Core Nutritionals, Vanilla Cake Core ISO has been introduced with another one of the brand’s traditional freebie deals. From today through until the end of the month, you can get the latest from Core for $59.99 with a free tub of Core’s basic Agmatine Sulfate, samples of Core Burn Ultra and another ISO flavor, and of course free shipping.

To take advantage of Core’s Vanilla Cake Core ISO offer simply visit the store on its official website. There you’ll find the freebie packed deal listed with no coupon code required, just add the package to your cart and you’re good to go.

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