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Latest ANS teaser tell us to “Embrace the power of the lion!”


Exactly two days ago ANS Performance started teasing what we’re almost certain is going to be its first new stimulant pre-workout supplement in more than three years. The brand didn’t really say or show anything that absolutely confirmed that it has a pre-workout coming, however the few clues it did drop immediately pointed us in that direction. Today we have a slightly more detailed teaser for whatever ANS has on the way, which does give us a few more clues.

You can get a look at the latest image from ANS above, where we get all of what was released on Friday with a picture of a powder tub and the line “elevate your energy”. The new clues thrown in are the electrical cables coming from the left and right, reinforcing the idea of energy, and another little line that you can’t see above. The additional words are “Embrace the power of the lion!”

While the original “elevate your energy” phrase was more than obvious with what it was trying to get across, this second line is a little less direct. By the sounds of things the “lion” ANS is referring to is likely the product itself, also suggesting its title is going to be linked to or involve the animal in some way. When you combine that idea with the other words used in the line, you get the feeling again that the brand is definitely referring to a pre-workout.

As certain as we are that ANS is currently getting ready to drop a new pre-workout, for now all we can really do is speculate. Fortunately, as mentioned on Friday, more information on the mystery supplement is due to be dropped early this week. While early could mean tomorrow or as late as Wednesday, we should basically be finding what we’re in for some time in the next few days.

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