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ANS breaks down MagicLION Lion’s Mane from its focus formula Rave

ans rave

ANS Performance is keeping its upcoming energy and focus formula Rave in the headlines this week as it has released a few details on the one ingredient we know that’s going to be in it. We are referring to the branded feature MagicLION, described as a neurogenic compound, which is also exclusive to ANS and Rave. The latest from the brand includes everything you need to know about MagicLION, from what it is to what it does.

MagicLION is officially described as a “specialized extract of hericium erinaceus”, a wild mushroom more commonly referred to as Lion’s Mane. It gets its name “Lion’s Mane” from its physical appearance, as you can see in the image above. The reason it’s been included in ANS Rave is just as we suspected, because Lion’s Mane is said to have the ability to “enhance cognitive function and actually act as a ‘neurogenic'”.


You can read more about Lion’s Mane on the ANS website where the brand’s own Dr. Nicholas Rupcich goes over its history, how it works, and what makes MagicLION Lion’s Mane different from others out there. We do also get a dose for MagicLION in the upcoming ANS Rave with “50-100mg”, which suggests something like 50mg per serving and 100mg in a maximum of two servings.

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