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Nutrabio unveils its limited edition Cold Brew Cappuccino Classic Whey

Cold Brew Cappuccino classic whey

After already doubling the size of its menu in less than two months, Nutrabio has unveiled yet another flavor for its incredibly fast growing protein powder Classic Whey. Since it was released in just three options with Unflavored, Milk Chocolate, and Creamy Vanilla, the brand has added Horchata, Strawberry, and Lemon Meringue Pie. Now joining those six is Nutrabio’s most creative effort yet in Cold Brew Cappuccino Classic Whey.

According to the brand “This delicious coffee like flavor blends the slight bitterness of cold brew coffee with the subtle sweetness of a cappuccino.” As unique as it sounds there is actually a catch with this one as unlike the other six flavors, Cold Brew Cappuccino isn’t going to be available everywhere or for very long.

Nutrabio has confirmed that Cold Brew Cappuccino Classic Whey is in fact a limited edition product. The brand has only produced a certain amount and is only giving it to a handful of retailers. One of the more popular retailers in that small group is Suppz, who is going to be stocking it both online and in its physical locations. The store isn’t listing it just yet but is hoping to have it available sometime next week.

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