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Core packs its upcoming Core Test with 5 transparently dosed ingredients

core test

In preparation for its highly anticipated release, Core Nutritionals has dropped the label for its upcoming flavor testosterone booster, Core Test. For those that missed the last update on the supplement, Core Test is finally going to be launched in exactly one week’s time on the 6th of September. As mentioned to get everyone ready for the release, the brand has revealed Core Test’s label, confirming exactly what’s in the product.

Like all of Core’s supplements, Core Test is 100% transparent formula. Its label lists doses for each and every one of its ingredients, of which there is a total of five. The features making up the product are calcium-d-aspartic acid at 3.67g, KSM-66 branded ashwagandha at 675mg, 650mg bulbine natalensis (10:1), and 100mg each of eurycoma longifolia and pine extract. You can see the transparent combination for yourself in the supplement’s official facts panel, which is listed below.

Core Nutritionals Core Test (2016 edition)core test

All five of Core Test’s ingredients have been brought together to help fans with just one thing, and that is “support healthy testosterone levels”. You can actually read a lot more about how the product plans on doing that on Core’s website, which now has an entire page dedicated to the unreleased testosterone booster and its contents.

As confirmed last week you’ll finally be given the chance to purchase Core Test very soon, as it is due to be launched direct in one week’s time on September 6th. You can also count on it being introduced with some kind of deal, that knowing the brand will likely involve freebies, discount, and free shipping.

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