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Muscle Sport throws actual cookies into its new Crispy Cookie Lean Whey

crispy cookie lean whey

As promised Muscle Sport has launched the new protein powder flavor it unveiled just two days ago, the Cookie Crisp inspired Crispy Cookie Lean Whey. The release has brought with it two very important details, one relating to its flavor which will most likely have you clicking through to purchase the supplement when you get to the end. The other is a discount code that’ll make purchasing it that much easier.

We’ll obviously start with the flavor related highlight for Crispy Cookie Lean Whey, that is actually a little hard to believe. The interesting detail is that much like how Muscle Sport’s Lean Charms has marshmallows thrown in similar to the cereal that inspired it, Crispy Cookie also has little surprises in its powder.

crispy cookie lean whey

We’ve added a shot of the protein itself above where you can see that there are in fact cookies mixed into the product. We’ve added the label of Crispy Cookie Lean Whey below as well, giving you more proof as it lists “Medium Sized Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumbs” in its other ingredients section. The label also shows that the unique feature doesn’t really add a whole lot to its macros with its calorie total remaining exactly the same at 120.

Crispy Cookie Lean Whey

crispy cookie lean whey

If the idea of cookie bits in your protein powder sounds like something you’d enjoy, as mentioned Crispy Cookie Lean Whey has been launched and is now available with a pretty big discount. To get in on the offer simply head to Muscle Sport’s website, decide whether you want 2lbs or 5lbs, then at checkout use the coupon “STACK3D”. The code will get you 40% off either size, taking the 2lb down to $35.99 and the 5lb to $59.99.

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