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Label released for EVL’s TeaCrine and Zembrin infused FocusMode


To get fans ready for the release of its next new supplement, the focus formula FocusMode, EVL has passed on its official label. The product was only just unveiled early last week, where we got a look at it but no mention of any of its ingredients. With its label on hand that is no longer the case, as we can now confirm all of its transparently dosed features.

To make sure FocusMode delivers on its promises of improved concentration, mood enhancement, help with memory, and motivation, EVL has packed it with a total of seven different ingredients. From heaviest to lightest its features are 600mg of n-acetyl l-tyrosine, 340mg guarana, 200mg each of alpha GPC and choline bitartrate. 25mg each of extended energy ingredient TeaCrine theacrine and Zembrin sceletium tortuosum, and lastly 10mg of huperzine A.

EVL FocusMode


You can see EVL’s official FocusMode facts panel above, listing all seven of the ingredients mentioned as well as their doses. As previously confirmed the supplement is going to be officially launched later this month through the brand’s major online retailer

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