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HyperAmino a little bit different from most energy amino competitors


Following on from the exciting return of its three legends — Halodrol, PlasmaJet, and SuperPump 250 — Gaspari has unveiled an entirely new supplement. The name of the product coming soon is HyperAmino, which is the brand’s energized amino competitor. The supplement brings together a combination of BCAAs, EAAs, and a rather unique energy blend.

Like most energized amino formulas, Gaspari’s upcoming HyperAmino has been designed for use at any time of the day as an amino and energy solution. Its list of promised effects includes energy, focus, and of course recovery.

To make sure it gets the job done, the brand has packed HyperAmino with two main proprietary blends. The biggest blend of the two weighs in at 5g and features all of the product’s aminos including a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, Ajinomoto glutamine, taurine, arginine, and a handful of others. The significantly lighter 200mg blend is responsible for the supplement’s energy supplying 100mg of caffeine, with the unique combination of ilex guayusa, green tea, and guarana extract.

Gaspari HyperAmino


Gaspari has said HyperAmino is set to hit the market very soon and in a total of three different 30 serving flavors. The product’s menu includes the flavor you can see pictured above with Strawberry Kiwi, as well as Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade.

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