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EVL gives its basic BCAA 5000 two actual flavors

evl bcaa

EVLution Nutrition rounded out last year with the introduction of a powder version of its basic supplement BCAA 5000. The new product gave fans of the brand the ability to drink their BCAAs unflavored or mixed in with another supplement. EVL has now revealed and released another addition to BCAA 5000 with two actual flavors for it.

The original Unflavored BCAA 5000 has been joined by a couple of fruity recipes in White Grape and Lemon Lime. As mentioned the brand has both revealed and released its two latest efforts, with the pair already available at the major retailer There is no difference in formula from the Unflavored BCAA 5000 to either of the flavors, however they do have a lot fewer servings with 30 instead of 60.

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