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Nutrex reveals just how much more intense Lipo6 Black Intense is

lipo6 black intense

Following on from yesterday’s look at the 100% transparent label of Nutrex’s all-new UltraFit Series pre-workout supplement, Outlift AMPed. We’ve now got the same kind of thing for the brand’s UltraFit Series fat burner Lipo6 Black Intense. As suspected the product is just as its title suggests — a more intense version of Lipo6 Black — with a powerful list of stimulants to back it up.

Being a spin-off of sorts, it’s no surprise really that Lipo6 Black Intense does include a few ingredients from Lipo6 Black. It is surprising however to find that the supplement isn’t 100% transparent like almost all of the UltraFit Series product and the regular Lipo6 Black, squeezing all of its features into the one 653mg proprietary blend.

In total Nutrex has packed Lipo6 Black Intense with seven different ingredients, just one more than what’s in Lipo6 Black. Of those seven, the two fat burners have three in common with yohimbine HCl, Advantra Z, and caffeine anhydrous. The remaining four features making up the supplement are n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, another form of caffeine in caffeine citrate, rauwolscine, and the previously confirmed TeaCrine theacrine.

Nutrex Lipo6 Black Intense

lipo6 black intense

Lipo6 Black Intense is due to be released direct through Nutrex’s website sometime this week, in just the one 60 capsule size. Each capsule is a serving, meaning the product has 60 servings per bottle, which will last you two months on one serving a day or 30 days on its maximum of two servings.

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