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New Mysyrup Series flavor introduced with an all-new look


Myprotein recently revealed three new flavors for its zero calorie Mysyrup Series, confirming Strawberry, Passionfruit, and Apple & Cinnamon. Just as the major European brand promised, those new additions weren’t far away and have now been made available direct through its website. The three have also actually brought something with them as you can tell by looking at the image above.

Not only has Myprotein now bumped its Mysyrup Series menu up to a total of 11, but it’s also given it a new look. The brand has repackaged the product in a full bottle wrapper, instead of the custom cut stickers it previously had. The layout of information on the wrapper is also a lot more in line with the rest of Myprotein’s supplements, being a bit more spacious and featuring detailed graphics representing each flavor.

As mentioned you can now head to Myprotein’s main website to grab any of its three new Mysyrups, all of which are priced at £4.49 a bottle.

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