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Nitro-Tech Whey Gold also coming in a 1lb with half as many flavors

nitro-tech whey gold

Muscletech definitely surprised us when it announced that it would be launching its upcoming protein powder Nitro-Tech Whey Gold in a very different set of sizes. Instead of the usual 2 and 5lb tubs, the brand has decided for a limited time following the supplement’s arrival, the 2lb is going to have 25% free with 2.5lbs, and the 5lb 20% free with a total of 6lbs. Just when we thought the product had enough options, a third size has now been confirmed.

As it turns out the 2.5lb and 6lb tubs are going to be joined by a much smaller Nitro-Tech Whey Gold, weighing in at less than half the 2.5lb. The third option is a 1lb bag, packing an almost trial size amount of just 14 servings. Unlike the two tubs, the 1lb bag will only have two flavors on its menu in Double Rich Chocolate and French Vanilla Creme, whereas the 2.5lb and 6lb also have Cookies And Cream and Strawberry.

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