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Pro Supps drops two vague teasers for its next major release

pro supps

Back in April and May Pro Supps was busier than almost every other supplement company, as we saw it reveal and release a handful of new products. The list included Hyde Cutz, L-Carnitine 3000, Hyde V3, and the naturally colored and flavored Hyde Zero. Since then we haven’t seen much from the brand although now, right before we head into September is has dropped a teaser of its next, and apparently quite major supplement.

Pro Supps has given us two teaser images, both of which are said to be promoting its next new product. The images are fairly obvious as well as vague, with one featuring all the ingredients of a chocolate peanut butter recipe and the other, cookies and ice cream. There are a number of supplement categories the teasers point to, however when you look at Pro Supps’ current line-up there are a lot you can rule out.

pro supps

While we’re not too confident in making a guess at the moment based on the two flavor images, we’re not actually going to be left wondering for too long. Pro Supps has said that it’s going to release a few details on exactly what it has on the way sometime next week, which will include a name and no doubt a category.

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