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Rule One reveals and releases its 75 serving R1 Leucine

r1 leucine

Following the release of a handful of new flavors for a couple of its current supplements, Rule One has now added to its basic line-up of products. The latest from the brand is a lot like all of its other individual ingredient formulas — R1 Creatine, R1 BCAAs, and R1 Glutamine — as it based around a common feature. The name of the supplement is R1 Leucine, which is of course a leucine based formula.

Usually basic leucine products are quite light with 30 or so 5g servings. Rule One’s R1 Leucine is a little bit different from that as its tub boldly lists a total 75 servings, which would presumably give it an overall weight of 375g. We say presumably and that its tub lists 75 servings because in the smaller print we read 150 servings with a tub weight of 750g. We’re not too sure which one is correct, either way it packs a lot more than most leucine competitors.

As always Rule One has immediately added the supplement to its official store where you can now purchase it. The direct price on the Unflavored R1 Leucine is $23.99, which we feel answers our question as to whether it’s 75 servings or 150. Based on the price we’d say it’s the former at 5g per serving weighing in at 375g not 750, as if it is the latter Rule One is actually a fair bit cheaper than the likes of Nutrabio and it’s 500g Leucine while packing 50% more.

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