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RedCon1 confirmed for both Tiger Fitness and Suppz


While RedCon1 still isn’t expected to release any of its supplements until September 1st, which is this Thursday. Confirmation has now come in of two major retailers that are set to stock the all-new brand. The two big names are Suppz and Tiger Fitness, one of which has already decided to list the brand and a handful of its products.

If you head to the Tiger Fitness website and search RedCon1, you’ll find 4 of the brand’s 13 supplements are up and ready to go. They’re not yet in stock, however they do have prices, confirming just how competitive RedCon1 is going to be. The four products listed are the PCT Aftermath at $51.99, the pump and focus pre-workout Big Noise at $38.99, and both the amino Breach and intra-workout Cluster Bomb at $32.49 each.

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