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Four big names return for the upcoming Stack3d Pro Fall

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Just as we did for our first ever Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo back in June, we’re going to be revealing each of the participants set to exhibit at the upcoming Stack3d Pro Fall, one by one over the next few weeks. We’re kicking it all off today with confirmation of four names, all of which were at the last one. We chose to start with these four purely because they were some of the most visited online booths at the Stack3d Pro Summer.

As you can see in the image above the brands returning are Dedicated Nutrition, Olympus Labs, Muscletech, and EVL. We don’t yet know what any of them have lined up for the Stack3d Pro Fall, although if their last appearances are anything to go by we’re in for some exciting stuff. For those that missed the first Stack3d Pro Dedicated unveiled two new supplements, Olympus Labs had 50% off everything on its website, Muscletech unveiled three new products, and EVL gave away a massive amount of samples of its Birthday Cake Stacked Protein.

Definitely stay tuned for more updates for the upcoming Stack3d Pro Fall as we will be posting a lot more about what brands will be doing for it. That will include any hints, teasers, or exact information we get about what will be at the expo. You can also check out our updated Stack3d Pro page at for a little more about the event and email us through our contact form if you want to get involved.

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