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Training Ground Pre-Workout introduced for as low as $22

training ground pre

EFX Sports has officially launched 2 of its 8 Training Ground Series supplements this week, making its pre-workout and BCAA competitors available. Both products have actually been introduced with a handful of awesome deals, giving you the chance to grab them at great prices individually or together in a stack. Based on the regular prices EFX has listed, the sale will save you as much as 40%.

The deals on the individual supplements are $29.99 for the massive 63 serving AminoZorb Training Ground BCAA instead of $42.99, and $24.99 for the stacked Training Ground Pre instead of $36.99. Individually you’re looking at a discount of around 30%, however you can save 10% more if you grab the Training Ground products together. The stack drops BCAA down to $25.80 and Pre-Workout to $22.19, for a combined total of just $47.99.

To take advantage of any of the three Training Ground Series promotions you need to visit the special launch page on the EFX website. From there you can click through to the BCAA, Pre, and/or stack deals with no coupon codes required. All of the offers are due to expire midnight this Friday, which is what the countdown timer on the Training Ground launch page is making its way down to.

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