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MusclePharm celebrates with a teaser of a 10th Combat Crunch

combat crunch

MusclePharm has just been awarded Best Protein Bar award for 2016, and to celebrate the Athlete’s Company has dropped some pretty big news. To give MusclePharm’s protein bar competitor Combat Crunch even more attention, it has confirmed that another flavor for the supplement is on the way. As always we don’t yet know what the flavor is, although it is technically going to give the product a total of 10 tastes.

While Combat Crunch can currently only be found in eight flavors at the likes of We say its next one is going to be its 10th because at one point MusclePharm did have the similar looking pair of Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Brownie available, however now it is just Chocolate Cake that’s on shelves.

Putting Combat Crunch’s total amount of flavors aside, you do have to wonder what it is MusclePharm has lined up for the protein bar. As mentioned it does already have quite a few tastes on its menu, including both common and uncommon options. We can only imagine the brand’s next Combat Crunch is going to be more on the uncommon side as it has done most of the common protein bar flavors, and its last one was a fair bit different with Chocolate Coconut.

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