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Introducing Animal’s upcoming pre-workout Animal Fury

animal fury

As promised over the weekend at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Animal has finally unveiled what was previously known as Project F. Today we’d like to officially introduce you to the brand’s upcoming, sequel pre-workout supplement Animal Fury. The big reveal is exciting, as it definitely suggests the product isn’t far away from shelves or at least very close to being ready to go.

Outside of its name and a first look at the supplement, there isn’t much else that we get from today’s unveiling of Animal Fury. The only other details in there are that it’s going to have Watermelon on its menu and that each tub of the pre-workout weighs in at 320g. Usually that weight would be a good indicator as to what kind of pre-workout Animal Fury is, although since we don’t have a serving count to go with that, it’s not too much help.

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