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Muscletech unveils its triple-sourced Arginine Black Onyx

arginine black onyx

It’s certainly been a while since we’ve see anything new from Muscletech for its spin-off SX-7 Black Onyx Series. Earlier in the year it was almost non-stop for the line when the brand introduced products like Shatter Black Onyx Ripped and Hydroxycut Black Onyx Max. Today we have details on Muscletech’s first new addition to the series since Omega 4X Black Onyx from April, with Arginine Black Onyx.

As you could probably guess by its name, the latest Black Onyx supplement from Muscletech is much like Ultra Carnitine 3X and CLA 4X Black Onyx, in that it is based around its title ingredient. Arginine Black Onyx is a somewhat complex individual ingredient formula with its main feature being a 6g blend of three different types of arginine. The product’s triple-sourced arginine blend is made up of regular l-arginine, arginine AKG, and Pepform arginine peptides, all of which have been included to help the supplement deliver on its promise of “massive muscle pumps”.

Muscletech Arginine Black Onyx

arginine black onyx

You can look over the official Arginine Black Onyx label above as well as read more about the product on Muscletech’s website, and expect to see it at the major retailer GNC sometime soon. When the supplement does eventually arrive it is expected to be available in just the one 35 serving tub size, as well as just the one flavor in Icy Rocket Freeze.

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