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Efectiv brings together BCAAs and a few weight loss ingredients for AminoLean

efectiv aminolean

Following on from its muscle builder Alpha which was released back in July, the UK brand Efectiv Nutrition has launched another entirely new supplement in 2016 involving weight loss and aminos. The name of Efectiv’s latest effort is AminoLean, a product promising increased metabolism, energy, and focus, as well as fatigue reduction. To ensure it follows through on those promises the brand has packed its new AminoLean with a combination nine main ingredients.

Taking care of the amino side in Efectiv AminoLean is 2.5g of BCAAs, included at the usual 2:1:1 ratio. As for the other six features in the supplement you have the weight loss ingredients, half a gram each of CLA and tyrosine, 250mg carnitine, 100mg green tea, and lastly 400mg of beta-alanine and 100mg of caffeine.

As well as giving the fat burning amino quite a few ingredients, Efectiv has also put together quite a few flavors for it. In total AminoLean has four different tastes on its menu, all of which are fairly different with Cloudy Lemonade, Mango Daiquiri, Blackcurrant, and Strawberry Mojito. Each of the four flavors come in the one 30 serving tub size, and are now all available direct from the brand’s website at £24.99 each.

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