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gold standard gainer

The wait for Optimum Nutrition’s latest Gold Standard Series supplement is now over, as this week the mass formula Gold Standard Gainer has started showing up in retailers. Two of the first places to list the product are none other than and GNC. Both locations have just the one size of Gold Standard Gainer on their websites with the larger 10lb, although they do have it in all four of its flavors.

The more expensive one of the two now stocking Gold Standard Gainer is GNC, with a Gold Card price of $84.99 or $87.99 for everyone else. As for, the supplement will cost you $82.99 which is a little over 5% cheaper than GNC’s regular price or 2% cheaper compared to its Gold Card price. If you’re looking to save, appears to be the better place to go even though the difference is only a few bucks.

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