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Hydroxyburn Lean 5 replacing BSc’s original Hydroxyburn Shred Protein

hydroxyburn lean 5

The Australian brand Body Science recently revealed and released Hydroxyburn Lean 5, which is going to be its next addition to its higher end Gold Label Alpha Series of supplements. For those that missed our original post, the product is a protein powder featuring a title relevant five different sources of protein. We’ve now got a new piece of information we didn’t have before, that fans of the brand will want to hear.

Initially we thought Hydroxyburn Lean 5 was simply going to be another addition to Body Science’s Gold Label Alpha Series, giving it a total of two protein powders. As it turns out, the brand has confirmed that Hydroxyburn Lean 5 is in fact a replacement for Body Science’s first Gold Label protein Hydroxyburn Shred Protein. The original Hydroxyburn protein is still listed on the brand’s website, however since Lean 5 is its replacement we imagine that will change when the new protein arrives.

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