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Muscle Sport introduces Kre4Max, its complex creatine competitor


Muscle Sport is one of the many brands that’s brought something new to the Olympia Expo this weekend, officially introducing yet another addition to its Black Series. The latest from the brand is called Kre4Max, which is a complex creatine formula. As well as including three types of creatine, Muscle Sport has also thrown in another four ingredients.

The first feature on Kre4Max’s facts panel is 1.5g of Kre-Alkalyn (buffered creatine monohydrate), followed by a one gram blend of Creatine MagnaPower, creatine HCl, and HydroMax glycerol. Rounding out the supplement’s label is another blend weighing in at 300mg and made up of fenugreek, alpha-lipoic acid, and piperine.

While Muscle Sport has revealed and released Kre4Max this weekend, it doesn’t have it on its website just yet. Seeing as it’s finished and on sale at the Olympia however, it will probably have a wider availability very soon.

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