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Muscletech previewing two new supplements at the Stack3d Pro Fall


One of the many big names returning for our upcoming Stack3d Pro Fall after hitting the first Stack3d Pro in June with everything from sales to giveaways, is Muscletech. The major supplement company has now actually confirmed that just as it did in June, it is planning on introducing a few more entirely new products next week at the Stack3d Pro Fall.

As per usual we do have a few clues on what Muscletech’s mystery supplements are, although nothing as specific as what we’re going to get when our next online expo launches on Monday at The details we have are that there will be a total of two products previewed, both belonging to the brand’s Performance Series, and both being spin-offs of current Muscletech supplements.

Based on the few clues released, we’re not yet confident enough to take a guess at what Muscletech will have for us on Monday. What we will say however is that they won’t likely be more Nitro-Tech related products, mostly because the brand did just launch two of those with Nitro-Tech Whey Gold and the edible Nitro-Tech Crunch.

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