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Gaspari’s breakthrough Precision Protein priced competitively

precision protein

Back when Gaspari Nutrition originally unveiled its new protein powder Precision Protein, there was one thing a lot of people pointed out about the supplement. While it is definitely a good thing that the brand has moved forward in the highly competitive protein category with its new release setting itself apart from the rest with “Embedded Enzyme Technology” (EET). It did sound like all of Precision Protein’s exciting features would come at a price.

Over the past week or so Gaspari’s new protein powder has started showing up in stores, and as it turns out the product is a lot more competitively priced than expected. Despite being a 100% hydrolyzed whey isolate formula and featuring EET to help the supplement deliver higher levels of leucine. At the major retailer, Precision Protein is priced exactly the same as Cellucor’s whey concentrate and isolate formula Cor Whey.

The price on Gaspari’s smallest size of Precision Protein is $29.99, with its double size 4lb being roughly 20% more cost-effective at $49.99. Those are also’s regular prices, which get even better if you have a coupon code or the brand runs some kind of special through the online retailer.

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