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Four more confirmed less than one week out from the Stack3d Pro Fall

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With the Stack3d Pro Fall Expo right around the corner, in fact just six days away now. We figured we’d keep the brand confirmations coming this week, especially since the last lot was posted a couple of weeks ago. Today we have yet another four major companies confirmed for the upcoming Stack3d Pro, most of which will be exhibiting for the very first time.

Joining the already long list of exhibitors this week are three new names to the Stack3d Pro with RSP Nutrition, the single ingredient specialists SD Pharmaceuticals, and the brand that just unveiled its Sour Gummy Worms Carnitine, Nutrakey. The one other name we have to confirm is Animal, who you may remember from the first Stack3d Pro in June where it was giving away samples of its now 15 flavor protein powder Animal Whey.

Definitely stay tuned this week for more updates on the Stack3d Pro Fall, what other brands are going to be there, and some of the things you can look forward to seeing. We should have teasers from all if not most of the exhibitors, with a few already confirmed to be introducing entirely new supplements.

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