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Gaspari’s legendary pre-workout stack just $50 at Suppz

superpump 250

Two days ago stock of Gaspari Nutrition’s returning pre-workout — SuperPump 250 — finally arrived at Same Day Supplements. Not only did it mean that anyone that pre-ordered would have their tubs shipped out, but it also meant you could head over to Same Day and purchase it in stock. As expected the product is now showing up in a number of other locations including Suppz, who has put together a special discounted SuperPump 250 stack.

For a single tub of Gaspari’s new DMAA pre-workout at Suppz, you’re looking at a total of $31.99. While that is better than Same Day’s price of $34.95, that isn’t Suppz special discounted stack. Where the retailer’s promotion comes in is if you spend another $18 you can get both SuperPump 250 and a full-size box of another returning Gaspari legend, the pump pre-workout PlasmaJet.

Whether you look at it as PlasmaJet for half price or $25 for each product, the stack does save you quite a bit of money and is a no-brainer for any Gaspari fan.

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