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Unicorn Muscle’s Gummy Beast pre-workout introduced at the Olympia

unicorn muscle

Every year we come into the Olympia expecting to see the big names and even some of the smaller brands we love. On some occasions however, we come across a brand that really catches our eye, which this year is Unicorn Muscle. From the minds behind Flex Comics and TuffnTiny, Unicorn Muscle has a very similar look and feel to its closely related apparel brands. When we stopped by its booth, its new pre-workout Magic had just been unveiled and is being described as a smooth, almost entry level pre-workout experience.

The formula looks good enough to deliver on its smooth, entry level promise, as well as its list of effects which includes energy, focus, and pump. For now Unicorn’s Pre-Workout Magic comes in just the one creatively named flavor with Gummy Beast, and just the one 30 serving tub size. You can find out more about the very new brand at, and expect to see updates on it here at Stack3d from here on out.