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4+ Nutrition unveils its protein infused High Protein Peanut Cream

4+ high protein peanut butter

Over the past few weeks it’s been pretty full on with 4+ Nutrition in terms of supplement reveals and releases. This week things have been a lot quieter, however to round it out the Italian brand has dropped details on yet another entirely new product it has coming, taking its total to five new supplements in less than two weeks.

The latest item to be introduced by 4+ Nutrition is High Protein Peanut Cream, which is a lot like its other recently revealed peanut butter Cremotto. The difference with the brand’s High Protein Peanut Cream is obviously that it’s a lot higher in protein, with the product promoting the highlight “37% protein”. Another thing that separates 4+ High Protein Peanut Cream from Cremotto is that it comes in a variety of flavors, not just the one, with Vanilla and Coconut, Chocolate, and White Chocolate.

4+ Nutrition is saying that its second peanut butter formula is actually going to be available sometime this month, meaning is should be on shelves within the next two to three weeks.

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