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Core Zap making its return as a powder in early 2017

core zap

A few months back Core Nutritionals got all of its stimulant addicted fans as well as us very excited, when it confirmed that Core Zap is making a comeback. For those that don’t remember, Core Zap was an energy and focus formula the brand had back in the day that used the controversial stimulant DMAA. Since getting confirmation that it would be returning we have yet to hear anything more on Zap until this week, as Core has finally dropped a bit of an update on it.

Basically the return of Core Zap has been pushed back due to all of the other supplements the brand has released and will be releasing. While Core doesn’t have an exact launch timeframe for the product just yet, it has said Zap probably won’t be available until early next year. Even though it’s release is being delayed, it is worth noting that the brand does have everything ready to go for it.

The new Core Zap formula is apparently finalized as well as two flavors for it, which does of course mean that it’s not going to be like the original capsule supplement and be a powder.

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