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Decimate AMP’D looking like a very different pre-workout compared to Cygen’s original Decimate

decimate ampd

If you didn’t manage to catch our Stack3d Pro Fall Expo this week for whatever reason, which was open from Monday right through until midnight Friday. You will have missed quite a few new supplement unveilings, including one from the team over at Cygen Labs. The supplement the brand introduced was Decimate AMP’D, a spin-off of its current stimulant pre-workout Decimate.

As you might have guessed by its name, Cygen Labs’ Decimate AMP’D has been designed as a more extreme version of its original Decimate. While most brands’ regular and extreme pre-workouts usually have quite a bit in common, that’s far from the case for Decimate AMP’D. The latest from Cygen does only have two more ingredients than Decimate with a total of eight, however of that eight only two are similar.

Cygen Labs Decimate AMP’D

decimate ampd

The full list of ingredients making up Cygen labs’ upcoming Decimate AMP’D is 3g of citrulilne, 2.5g betaine, 750mg Nitrosigine, 400mg caffeine, 250mg choline, 100mg ashwagandha, 50mg TeaCrine theacrine, and 10mg of Noopept. You can see the product’s official facts panel above where the brand has kept things 100% transparent, listing doses for each ingredient. The Decimate AMP’D formula is said to deliver a very similar combination of effects to Decimate, with everything you can hope for in a pre-workout including energy, endurance, focus, and pump.

For now Cygen Labs is only promoting Decimate AMP’D as coming sometime soon, with no exact launch date, week, or month. If you want to keep an eye out for it, the best place to watch would be the brand’s website at, as that is where it’s introduced its last few new supplements.

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